Campsite Rules That Make Everyone’s Stay More Enjoyable

When you want to experience the great outdoors and the East Yorkshire coast in particular, Bridlington is your best bet. This coastal town lies in close proximity to Flamborough village and Bempton Cliffs, so there are lots of things to do and see there.

As far as accommodation in the area is concerned, tourists have several options, with camping remaining the most affordable one. Bridlington campsites provide plenty of pitches for both tents and caravans, but each site has its own set of rules that you must follow before getting there as well as during your stay.


Thus, if you bring your caravan to the site rather than have it towed from storage, you are asked to drive slowly, without exceeding the speed limit of 5 mph. Once there, you will be given a barrier code for safe entries and exits that you must not divulge to anyone else.

Many campsites are pet friendly, but that doesn’t mean that dogs can just run around; instead, they should be on a lead or tethered, and the owners must remove all dog foul right away.

All rubbish must be taken to any of the bins and disposal points available on site and never deposited in hedges. Fly tipping and disposing of large items is also prohibited. Similarly, pitches and all facilities must be kept clean and free of debris, and if you find a dirty pitch upon arrival, make sure to notify the staff running the campsite.

For everyone’s safety, place your gas bottles in gas lockers, never smoke in a covered area, don’t make fire pits, and check that your barbeque is at least 450 mm above ground.

Other common sense rules include keeping quiet particularly between 11.30 pm and 7.30 am, as well as speaking and behaving respectfully towards staff and the other campers. Some sites also frown upon the use of generators and washing lines, so check that before booking your pitch.

Finally, staff also asks of their guests to arrive and leave at the appointed time unless otherwise agreed. Note that early bird arrivals and lazy day leaving fees do apply.

Some of the attractions

In Flamborough village, there are many shops and pubs that you can go to, while the Bempton Cliffs are known for their wide array of seabirds. You can also enjoy the coast landscapes around Flamborough Head. The Bridlington area is great for walking and taking in the history of the harbor and of the Old Town.

Other attractions include the local golf club that welcomes everyone, regardless of their golfing skills, not to mention the Bridlington Spa, the main entertainment venue on the Yorkshire coast that can host up to 3,800 people.

Family Holiday Packages

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What do holiday packages include?

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