How To Clean A Condensing Unit ?

condesningMany people put off cleaning their condensing unit believing that it is a difficult and messy job. Nothing could be further from the truth. It isn’t hard to do and will rarely take you more than two hours to complete. It took me just one hour to clean mine. Most of the time, I was sitting around letting the cleansing solution soak on the fins to loosen the grime. I decided to clean mine even though it didn’t look very dirty.


Protect yourself from electrical shock. Before you begin to clean your coils, look for the disconnect switch. It is usually close to the unit on a nearby wall. If there is not a disconnect switch, you are not in compliance with code and will need to add one at a future date. To ensure that no electricity is flowing into the unit, check it with a multimeter. The thermostat lever should be moved to the off position.

List Of Required Tools

There are no specialty tools required to clean your condensing unit. You will need the following according to the trusted provider of condensing unit Baton Rouge:

* A vaccum cleaner with a soft brush attachment.

To prevent problems due to moisture, use a Wet-Vac if you have one. * Work gloves to reduce the risk of injury to your hands.

* Water hose equipped with nozzle.

* Screwdriver or wrench for removal of the covering over the fan and condensing unit.

* Face mask to protect against dust particles.

* Household cleaning solution that won’t damage the aluminum coils and fins.

* Cleaning clothes.

Steps To Clean Condensing Unit

* Caution. Be sure to read the entire article before you begin.

* Clear a two foot area surrounding the unit of plants and bushes. For efficient operation, it is important that air flow be unobstructed.

* Take pictures of the condensing unit including shots from the sides and top. You’ll be able to see the difference in how the unit looked before and after cleaning with this record.

* Using gentle strokes, brush loose dirt and debris away from the fins with a whisk broom or hairbrush. Start at the top brushing the dirt onto fins that have not yet been cleaned. If you start by using the soft brush on the vacuum cleaner, you will simple remove the dirt instead of brushing it onto fins that at a lower point. It is important to move the brush in the same direction that the fins move. This motion reduces the possibility of fin deformation or other damage caused by movement that is too aggressive.

* To gain access to the inside of the unit, remove the top by unscrewing the screws that secure it. Be careful when you pull the top off since the fan and motor are often attached and you don’t want to yank out any wiring. Set the top aside so you can gain better access to the interior of the unit for more cleaning. NOTE: The coil is held in place by the top. Once the top has been removed, you may note that the coils lean out of position. Don’t push or pull on the coils during the cleaning process.

* Look at the condition of the interior once the top is off. Is the tubing insulation deteriorating? Is wiring discolored? You can replace the insulation yourself, but call in a professional for any thing else.

* Once you are inside of the unit, inspect the coils again. Look for more dirt build up, and remove it with the whisk broom or hairbrush as described above.

* Remove any debris or dirt that is inside of the condensing unit. You can use either your hands or a vacuum cleaner for this step. You will be amazed at what you’ll discover inside.

* Using a spray bottle, spray a film of cleaning solution over the fins. Let the solution sit for 10 or 15 minutes so it can do most of the work for you. However, the solution should not be allowed to completely dry onto the fins.

^ Using a garden hose, flush the remaining dirt from the fins by spraying the coil from the inside towards the outside. To prevent damage or bending in the fins, don’t use too much water power. Reduce the flow from full to a strong misting stream. Experiment with the pressure before you insert the water flow into the condensing units. You should see a healthy flow. Even though the electrical components are designed to work in the rain, try to keep them dry during this phase.

* Look at the fins and straighten out at bends that you find. Bend the fins one at a time using a knife with a dull blade. Butter knives work well for this. If you try to bend multiple blades at a time, you risk breaking them. A tool called a fin comb is used by the pros.

^ Replace the unit’s top. It is important to be gentle during this step. If you just shove the top back on, you risk bending the coils. Ask someone for assistance. It is better to go slowly than risk damage by going too fast. Tighten the screws after you have all of them in place and started. Don’t over-tighten and strip the screws, but make sure that they are snug. The key is to be firm and use finesse during this step.

* Reconnect the power, turn the unit on, and make sure that it is working properly. Once you have everything put back together, you’ll want to listen for noises or vibrations that weren’t present before you took the unit apart. If you do hear a problem, shut the unit down again quickly.

^ Once the job is done, give yourself some congratulations. You now have bragging rights and can help someone else learn how to clean their own heat pump or condensing unit.

Other Issues

I document most everything and recommend that you do it too. Copy the information from the condensing unit name plate while you are letting the cleansing solution soak. Look for electrical data, testing pressures, the serial number, the unit model, and the manufacturer. Check out the interior to locate the type of compressor in the unit and other information. Take pictures of the name plate data if you don’t want to write it down. You can include overall pictures include before and after photos. Add a folder to your computer titled Condenser Unit and put this information there. I keep folders on my computer for all of the appliances in my home. When you need the information, you will be happy that you took the time.

What Happens After Your Condensing Unit Is Cleaned

In many cases, the system operation improves dramatically after the condensing unit coils are cleaned. People experiences lower levels of humidity inside of their homes, shorter run times, and colder air coming out of their registers. When units are in bad shape, cleaning it doesn’t make much sense since there will be few noticeable improvements in operation. I can help you understand what your replacement options are if your unit is no longer worth fixing.

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How learn English in easy ways

English is one such common language that is used everywhere as a common mode of communication across the world. However, say whether due to lack of education or no confidence, some people find it difficult to speak English. Many people also try to search online how learn English in easy ways. However, a better guidance and a good practice are two core things that any person needs to understand while learning English. The task of learning English is certainly not at all difficult. Just like how baby leans how to walk step by step in easy ways, similarly you need to learn English. Do not rush up to learn the language fluently. You will need time and that is when you can understand this language properly.

Quick Tips to learn English

Don’t consider it as a hurdle: Learning this language is not a challenge. If you learn it with confidence and understand every word carefully, you will realize that this language is pretty easy to grasp. Always remember, the attention is given to the confident speaker. It does not matter whether your fluency is English is clear or not, what matters the most is how well do you initiate to speak in this language.

Always learn by heart the words after understanding its meaning

There are many vocabularies present in English dictionary, but do you know all of them. Obviously it is not expected but what you need to do is understand the meaning of vocabulary that you hear and start mesmerizing it. You may try to learn the phrases as a whole which will give you a complete understanding of their meaning.

Learn by listening English

This is one easy task you can do. Put on the English music or play English movies that will help you understand the fluency. Besides, this language is filled with idioms. You can note down those particular phrases that you hear in notebook and try to understand how they are spoken. Other than this, instead of speaking native language with friend, you must talk with him in English. The more you try to incur English in natural speech; it will help you gain a good confidence level in speaking English.

Use Dictionary:

There are many heavy words whose meaning you may not understand so easily. At such time you can refer to a good English dictionary. Dictionary has got ample of synonyms that you can use for speaking further with your colleagues and friends.

Vocal cords Exercise is a must:

Start practicing the workout routine of speaking in English with your own voice. You can talk to yourself in mirror and speak all the words in loud. This will increase your confidence level. The more you practice talking in English, the better you can grasp quickly. Practice hard and be loud while talking in English and you will understand that this was never a Challenge.

How learn English will not be a challenge but a fun way to understand and learn new thing in life. Hence, use as many resources of grasping English as you can.

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A Guide On Essential Farming Equipment

jre51Successfully running a farm, however big or small it may be, depends on the quality of equipment that is used on the farm. It is no secret that farms that utilize old and outdated equipment are not very profitable. Hence, a person who is in charge of organizing a farm should pay extra care into ordering high quality and effective equipment for the farm. Individuals that do not know what equipment is essential to running a successful farm should continue reading as they will be revealed in this short guide to farming equipment.

Any kind of farm that is a commercial project will need some kind of a pickup truck. There are many kinds of things that have to be transported around the farming area. This means such things as tools, compost, seeds and a variety of other things. All of these items need to be efficiently transported around the farm to ensure that the farm will be able to run smoothly without any hiccups. Hence, a pickup truck is essential in transporting such things. The tuck most certainly doesn’t have to be new or fancy. All it needs to do is be able to go from A to B without breaking down.

A whole number of gardening and hand tools are absolutely essential to running a farm properly. A farm is basically a huge home garden, in one aspect. Hence, there should be a large range of hand and gardening tools to ensure that such things as planting of seeds can be done in an effective manner. Tools such as shovels are very important when it comes to planting and harvesting on a farm. Having a large range of tools should not cost too much money, considering how essential they are to the running of a farm.

farming-bannerThose that are looking to grow vegetables and fruits productively on their farm need to utilize a composter. It is without a doubt that compost allows for the healthy fruition of a variety of different seeds. This especially true when it comes to seeds of edible vegetation such as carrots. A composter can be made very easily using a number of household tools. Essentially, creating a large compost pile will serve as very effective in ensuring success during harvesting season due to the effectiveness of compost.

Fencing is something lots of people don’t think about when they think of essential equipment for farms. It is important that the owner of the property is able to clearly set the boundaries of the area. Furthermore, separating different areas that are growing different vegetation is essential to organizing a farm properly. The fencing does not have to be of a high quality in any way. The only purpose that they serve is distinguishing the boundaries of the lmom7dbejhisi property and areas on the farm in an effective manner.

With these essential farming equipment, anyone should have all of the tools that they need to properly run a successful farm. Running a farm can be very complex and difficult at times. Hence, using the equipment listed in this article is essential to a productive farm.